Military Family Month’s theme of “Staying Ready Together” resonates with the Army Community Service staff.

“Being a military spouse year-round with children is a full time job by itself,” said Stephanie Young, victim advocate for Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention Program. She and her husband, Maj. Byron Young, and their three children were stationed at Garrison Humphreys, South Korea before moving to Redstone Arsenal.

“It is important when your spouse is working and you are isolated from family and friends. It is nice to come together as a community and be recognized,” Young said.

From the Soldier who is a single parent to active duty military families separated by deployments and training including reservists, National Guard, military retirees and survivors of military service members – they are all part of the military family, said Jeannie Johnston, ACS director.

In recognition of all their sacrifices and hardships, Army Community Service will have materials and information on topics such as financial readiness, relocation, exceptional family member resources, Survivor Outreach Service, resilience and more throughout the month of November.

Kicking off the monthlong recognition of military families, ACS will hold a “Be A Hero” celebration from 10 a.m. Thursday to 1 p.m. at the Pershing Welcome Center, building 3443 on Aerobee Road. Participants are encouraged to wear costumes. The event is open to the Redstone community.

“Heroes wear all types of uniforms,” said Johnston whose husband, Jerry, is an Army retiree.

“Fun activities for the children and cake for all. Come join our military family,” she said.

She pointed out that within the ACS staff, the spectrum of military families are represented to include active duty and retiree spouses, military retirees, parents of military members, grown children of military parents and individuals who served in the military.

“We are all part of the military families we serve at ACS because we work together, play together, and sometimes grieve together – just like any family,” Johnston said.

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