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Military retirees from throughout the nation competed last week in the 20th annual Rocket City Retired Military Golf Classic.

The three-day scramble tournament was held June 4-6 at the Links courses and at Cherokee Ridge Country Club. Like last year, there were daily payouts for the winning teams.

“We have quite a few winners by doing it that way,” Bev Van Oostrum, the tournament treasurer, said. The organizers started paying winners at the end of each day’s competition last year because of a change in sponsorship.

This year’s scramble drew 132 golfers and 33 teams. Half played at the Links the first day while the other half played at Cherokee Ridge. The golfers switched venues on day two. On the final day, everyone played at the Links. The daily payouts went to the top seven teams at the Links and the top seven teams at Cherokee Ridge.

“They come from all over the United States,” Van Oostrum, whose husband Graham is tournament director, said. “They’re retired military. And this year we have opened it up to DOD (Department of Defense) civilians.”

“We would hope to have more DOD retired civilians participation in the future,” Graham Van Oostrum said.

Ed Vaissiere, 90, of New Smyrna Beach, Florida, was the oldest golfer. Jo Pender, 89, of Port Tobacco, Maryland, was the oldest female golfer.

Winners June 4 included: Cherokee Ridge – 1. Mike Smithson, Linda Slayton, Jimmy Marks, Fred Brown III, gross score 63, winnings per player $120. 2. Jody Voss, Larry Hess, Al Klang, Kathleen Stirling, 64, $100; 3. John Tillman, Patrick Gehringer, Roger Griffin, Julie Butterfield, 64, $80; 4. Gail Bartell, Bob Price, Joan Brandt, Robert Pender, 66, $60; 5. Jim Hicks, Sam Cheatum, Ron See, Richard Carlisle, 66, $40; 6. Richard Ogles, Dan Snyder, Tony Russo, Heidi Reel, 67, $30; and 7. Tim Slayton, John Neil, Chuck Collins, Pattie See, 67, $20. … Links, Patriot course – 1. Ronald Henry, Dan Frank, Frank Vicuna, Donna Ihle, 63, $120; 2. Larry Loomis, Jack Millsaps, Sheila Shaw, Lorenzo Bancells, 63, $100; 3. Ike Isenhour, Roger Fox, Jerome Kendrick, Helen Lee, 64, $80; 4. Fred Maksimowski, Jack Oser, Larry Harville, Valerie Stone, 64, $60; 5. Mark Benning, Dick Carter, Pat Thomas, Ted Rozier, 64, $40; 6. James Long, Jim Evans, Dick Reimann, Marion Phillips, 63, $30; and 7. Aubrey Foster, Troy Ricks, Marty Carter, Dave Tidlund, 65, $20.

Winners June 5 included: Links, Warrior course – 1. Paul Weinberg, Dan Snyder, Tom Faulkenberry, Pattie See, 63, $120; 2. Duane Romine, Bryan Klinger, Mary Henderson, Fred Brown III, 64, $100; 3. Tim Slayton, Larry Hess, Tony Russo, Norma Airey, 65, $80; 4. Linda DeJong, Lee Henderson, Ron See, Ross Plasterer, 65, $60; 5. Mike Smithson, Patrick Gehringer, Butch Faust, Ellen Runyan, 65, $40; 6. Charlie Waters, Butch Turcotte, Thomas Brandt, Jo Pender, 65, $25; and 6. Jim Prouty, John Kirsch, Roger Griffin, Linda Ogles, 65, $25. … Cherokee Ridge – 1. Jim Voorhies, Jim Evans, Don Wilgus, Karen Strickland, 60, $120; 2. Aubrey Foster, Cecil Long, Frank Vicuna, Lorenzo Bancells, 64, $80; 3. Jack Ihle, Troy Ricks, Don Schwikert, Valerie Stone, 64, $80; 4. Bill Veith, Jack Millsaps, Pat Thomas, Dave Tidlund, 64, $60; 5. Mark Benning, Jack Oser, Jerome Kendrick, Margo Delaughter, 64, $40; 6. James Long, Harvey Post, Dennis Biddinger, Linda Biggs, 63, $30; and 7. John Millsaps, Dan Frank, Donald McPheron, Helen Lee, 66, $20.

Winners June 6 included: Links, Patriot course – 1. Charlie Waters, Bryan Klinger, Harry Dean, Linda Ogles, 62, $120; 2. Steven Green, Bob Price, Roger Griffin, Di Wilson, 63, $100; 3. Tim Slayton, Dan Snyder, Pete Ferra, Mabel Green, 65, $80; 4. Jody Voss, Joe Goss, Ron See, Heidi Reel, 67, $60; 5. Dale Airey, Charlie Nash, Ray Runyan, Larry Cantu, 67, $40; 6. Jim Prouty, Butch Turcotte, Jimmy Marks, Ellen Runyan, 68, $30; and 7. Stephen Malestein, Jim Wynne, Al Klang, Norma Airey, 69, $20. … Links, Warrior course – 1. James Long, John Franks, Anne Oser, Ed Vaissiere, 59, $120; 2. Aubrey Foster, Everette Roper, Don Schwikert, Helen Lee, 61, $100; 3. Jess Voorhies, Harvey Post, Dick Reimann, Margo Delaughter, 61, $80; 4. Mark Benning, John Stone, Phil Dwigans, Ina Reimann, 63, $60; 5. Chad Nipper, Marrian Biddinger, Raymond Shaw, Lorenzo Bancells, 63, $40; 6. Ronald Henry, Cecil Long, Donald McPheron, Jack Strickland, 64, $30; and 7. Bill Veith, Roger Fox, Frank Vicuna, Karen Strickland, 64, $20.

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