Redstone leaders are continuing their efforts to improve residences in line with the Armywide housing campaign.

Residents received updates during Redstone’s quarterly On-Post Resident Town Hall, Sept. 25 in Heiser Hall. Speakers included Redstone Senior Commander Lt. Gen. Ed Daly, Garrison Commander Col. Kelsey Smith and representatives from the Army’s housing partner Hunt Military Communities.

“My question is ‘How are we doing?’” Smith asked the residents.

The 2019 resident survey results put Redstone resident satisfaction at 79%, which is above the overall Army’s rate of 75%. But Redstone leaders say their target for the next survey is 84%.

Garrison efforts include: quality assurance inspection of all change of occupancy maintenance; QA inspections of all life, health and safety work orders; QA calls on 5% on non-life, health and safety work orders; housing Interactive Customer Evaluation comments; neighborhood drive around inspections; and quality assurance of preventive maintenance beginning in January 2020.

The Army and its Redstone Communities partner, Hunt, are working together to ensure proper upkeep of the 354 housing units. Since October 2006, Hunt has been responsible for property management and maintenance.

Preventive maintenance, which is done quarterly, enables Hunt to identify issues early before they become major problems.

Every 90 days, Hunt’s seven-member maintenance team goes through the housing units and replaces air filters. Maintenance technicians check the electrical systems, plumbing, and the CO2 and smoke detectors. They make their observations of the homes and talk to the residents to identify any other issues. Residents can request routine maintenance by calling 430-1517, visiting the Hunt homepage at or using Hunt’s maintenance app RENTCafeResident which can be downloaded from the application store.

Of Redstone’s 354 housing units, 342 are currently occupied. Some 2,669 work orders have been closed since the Army’s housing campaign began in mid-February. And 243 work orders are currently open.

Hunt’s initiatives include: increased frequency of property inspections; hired additional maintenance staff to increase work order quality and satisfaction and hiring two additional preventive maintenance technicians; implemented a weekly checklist to monitor landscaping performance; started weekly meetings with onsite vendors to ensure quality of work; and increased oversight by management of onsite team follow-up efforts to meet resident needs.

“I think it’s a good start,” Becky Watts, a Redstone resident for three years, said after this third town hall meeting. “I think this is very beneficial.”

“It’s good,” Joe Baker, a resident since October 2018, said. “We still need to get more of the questions answered. We still haven’t gotten the residents’ bill of rights yet – in other words what can the residents expect and hold the partners to. We were told in March we would have it in a month or two. So we’re a little bit beyond March.”

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