From their first meeting over lunchtime wings at the Firehouse Pub to their wedding at The Cliffs, Josh and Tiffanie Cagle know conferencing and catering at Redstone Arsenal from professional and personal perspectives.

“A long time ago we used to do wings at the Firehouse Pub for lunch and that’s when we met,” Josh recalls. He was a cook back then. Tiffanie was a waitress.

They started out as friends but eventually their friendship grew into more and after two years of dating they got married. Today, Josh is the chef and Tiffanie is a caterer. They are key components for the Redstone Arsenal Conferencing Campus of the Garrison’s Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation.

Robert Schumann, business manager for the clubs at Redstone, said anyone with access to Redstone Arsenal can utilize the seven sites that make up the conferencing and catering campus including:

• The Summit

• The Overlook at the golf course

• The Cliffs, on the Tennessee River

• The Firehouse Pub, an original firehouse

• Building 3712, Heiser Hall

• Building 3711, the Diane Campbell Conferencing Center

• Building 3704, the Magnolia Room

The facilities include everything from meeting room spaces to a Grand Ballroom, which is one of the largest event spaces in the Huntsville area at 6,000 total square feet. Schumann even has three pack Howitzers, which only shoot blanks.

“At The Summit, you immediately know that you are in the Army’s house as soon as you walk into the front door because of the large seal on the floor and gold star in the recessed ceiling directly above it,” Schumann points out.

There are also historic posters dating from the Spanish American War to World War II that can also be seen at The Summit.

Depending on the number or attendees, event spaces rent from $50 to $1,200.

Then there’s the catering part of the equation.

“Our food choices range from formal to very casual,” Schumann said. “That could mean barbecue on the patio to a formal, served meal.”

Informal dining has by far become the most popular among modern day Army leaders, he said.

“Pricewise, we are extremely competitive against anyone off post or downtown Huntsville,” Schumann said. “We’ll put our food up against anyone off post. We’re not afraid to season it and make it tasty.”

Chef Josh Cagle said he makes just about anything but that he always strives to make flavorful dishes.

“We do cater to a lot of allergies and diets. The big thing now is gluten free and dairy free,” he said.

Tiffanie Cagle said it’s not uncommon to see requests from people who can’t have salt, onions, nuts and eggs.

“Some want their food to be spicier or less spicier, so we can make it however it’s liked,” Josh Cagle added.

Schumann said the average maximum event size is 350 people. There can be more, but that’s the average number.

Over the years, Schumann and his staff have seen everything from the most formal Army functions to a wedding that turned into brawl with a groomsman getting carted off to jail by police.

“They continued with the ceremony after he was gone,” Schumann recalled.

For those who want to host an event with guests who do not have gate access, Schumann said the staff can make accommodations to get the guests onto the Arsenal.

“Our staff is flexible on menus, our pricing is competitive and the facilities sell themselves,” he said. “We’ve got what you want, where you want it.”

For more information, call Conferencing and Catering at 842-9600.

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