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Students from the Command and General Staff School, Redstone Arsenal Campus, Staff Group 33 Delta, have turned their interest of disc golf into a day of community service at the Redstone Disc Golf Course.

On March 7, nine members from Staff Group 33D and staff group adviser Martin Huggard spent the morning raking, sweeping the disc golf tee pads, picking up trash, clearing limbs and brush from the park area.

“Several members of the class enjoy using the disc golf course several days a week and as we thought about different community service projects one of the first things we thought of was the course, how we could give back, and contribute to the community,” Staff Group 33D leader Maj. Jon Chandler said. “So, the next logical step was to contribute to the upkeep of the course and here we are.”

The effort was led by class member Maj. Aaron Olsen. As members have been out in the community, he said they evaluated what was really beneficial to the area and something that people could really enjoy, and also where they could see that resources were lacking. After going to Family and MWR Outdoor Recreation, the students discovered that park cleanup would be a great way they could give back to the community.

“Everyone was very supportive by providing us the resources and equipment to get this done,” Olsen said.

Huggard said the students that attend the Command and General Staff School are always trying to give back to the community.

“The students noticed that the park was in disrepair so they went and asked how they could help with cleanup of the site,” he said. “A group of the students went out with rakes and trash bags today and got this place looking good again. This is just another good example of the students giving back to the community.”

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