Garrison All Hands Meeting

Colonel Kelsey A. Smith speaks during an Garrison All Hands meeting in the Bob Jones Auditorium at the Sparkman Center On Redstone Arsenal, Ala. (Eric Schultz / Redstone Rocket)

Garrison Commander Col. Kelsey Smith endorsed change for the better during the Garrison’s quarterly All Hands meeting, Aug. 27 in Bob Jones Auditorium.

“We have to embrace the changes that are out there. I’m looking for your help,” Smith told the workforce. The Army and the Army Materiel Command are trying to figure ways to do things smarter than in the past.

The Garrison will transition from share drive to SharePoint as a better way to share files on the computer network.

“The share drive needs to go away. We need to embrace SharePoint,” Smith said.

Besides the importance of change, Smith discussed the defense budget, workforce development and the Garrison Organization Day.

He said he is confident Congress will come up with a continuing resolution to maintain funding for the Department of Defense.

Smith and Garrison Command Sgt. Maj. Billy Counts encouraged the workers to pursue the training they need for their jobs. This includes putting thought in their individual development plans.

“You’ve got to own it,” Counts said.

Planning is underway for Garrison Organization Day, Oct. 24. “We want to make org day worthwhile to you,” Smith said. “It’s yours.”

Mike Stierwalt, compliance branch chief for environmental in the Directorate of Public Works, was among the meeting’s attendees.

“Overall a good briefing,” Stierwalt said. “Org day looks promising.”

Individuals recognized during the meeting included the following:

Civilian Service Commendation Medal – Joshua Elmore, Joshua Emiling, Hannah Gaither, Evan Waugh, all members of the Directorate of Operations.

Commanders Letter – Christina Fults, Kaela Hamby, Zinnah Helmann, Kara Malone, all members of the Directorate of Public Works.

Length of Service – Rachel Strange (5 years), Stephanie Young (5 years), Whitney Gambino (10 years), Yuressa Hubbard (10 years), Leslie West (10 years), William Jefferson (20 years), Eddie Nunn (20 years), Gaylene Wilson (25 years), Marie Fields (35 years), all of Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation. … Brian Raney (10 years), Misty Taylor (10 years), both of Directorate of Public Works. … Kimley Pierce (25 years), Equal Employment Opportunity Office. … Scott Gillespie (30 years), Command Group.

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