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In the 1971 rock song “Signs,” the Five Man Electrical Band complained about “signs signs everywhere are signs.”

But at Redstone Arsenal, there’s good reason for the security signs because this is a restricted installation.

Access is limited to those authorized to be here. Redstone Arsenal has exclusive jurisdiction. This means, in accordance with U.S. Code Title 18, all federal laws including firearms laws and Alabama state laws are enforced by Redstone law enforcement.

So people should know when they are approaching Redstone property and where the installation perimeters start. Redstone Arsenal has six entry control points, and its perimeter line varies at each entry point. But the gates all have one thing in common: they are identified by signs which declare in no uncertain terms that this is restricted area. It has been declared a restricted area “by authority of the commander in accordance with the provisions of the directive issued by the secretary of defense, pursuant to the provisions of Section 21, Internal Security Act of 1950,” the sign says.

“When you reach the guard (at the perimeter gates), you’re now entering a restricted base,” Marcus Clay, a physical security specialist in the Garrison’s Directorate of Operations, said.

Anyone would be foolish to try to breach the fence.

“They would be detained by the police and cited for trespassing,” Clay said.

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