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Fox Army Health Center has instituted several changes after a pharmacy worker tested positive last week for COVID-19.

It was the second positive test result for COVID-19 on Redstone.

The Madison County resident was tested at a local community medical facility, and the result is being included in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the Alabama Department of Public Health consolidated statewide reporting.

The worker is recovering, according to Col. Anthony Meador, Fox commander. The worker had not been at work since March 11, and Fox is working to contact anyone the technician may have come into contact with following the current CDC guidelines.

“We have an exact name and date for each person who came into contact with this employee, and we will be reaching out to you,” Meador said.

The changes at Fox included temporarily closing the walk-in pharmacy and opening a new drive-through pharmacy.

“We hope this is a measure that will improve your experiences here,” Meador said.

All other services within Fox Army Health Center remained open for patient care throughout the pharmacy’s temporary closure.

“We remain committed to providing safe, quality care at Fox Army Health Center, and we are working diligently to guarantee services are available for our beneficiaries,” Meador said.

Fox will continue to maintain the single entry point patient screenings at the main entrance before entering the facility.

This was the second confirmed case of COVID-19 being reported for North Alabama and from within a tenant organization located on Redstone Arsenal.

As of Monday, Madison County had 17 cases of COVID-19 that had been reported to the Alabama Department of Public Health. Statewide there are 167 cases with most of them coming from Jefferson County, which had 79 cases.

Redstone’s leaders said they would continue to work closely with the interagency partners to mitigate the effects of COVID-19.

Senior leaders encourage employees to keep in contact with their direct supervisory chain and leadership for information updates specific to their organization. If the status of the installation changes, the workforce will be notified through direct communication, the Redstone Rocket, Team Redstone social media, and websites and the Redstone Explorer App.

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