The Redstone Arsenal Retiree Advisory Council is looking for a co-leader.

Retirement Services Officer Betty Anderson said one of two positions for co-chairman on the council is open. Retired Command Sgt. Maj. Donell Pelt holds one position.

Anderson said the role will allow input on issues that directly impact retirees like healthcare costs, availability and benefits. The role would also allow input on improving or growing facilities on post.

The Redstone Arsenal Retiree Advisory Council meets about one hour, every other month. Spouses and retired service members from all service branches are welcome to join the council.

“This is a role for someone who wishes he or she could make a difference and have some of the higher-ups listen to their concerns,” Anderson said. “Joining our Retiree Advisory Council will allow the opportunity to be a part of the positive changes and events that improve the lives of our retirees here at Redstone Arsenal.”

She said retiree councils have been established at most Army installations. Issues raised by these councils are either solved at the local level or submitted as issues for the Chief of Staff, Army, Retiree Council to consider, if the issue has Armywide implications. Retired Soldiers can volunteer to serve on local installation retired Soldier councils.

Anderson said the knowledge and experiences of retired Soldiers can help promote good relationships between the installations and the surrounding communities.

“No other group can better understand the feelings and problems of both the civilian and military communities,” she said. “By serving as a liaison between the two sectors, retired Soldiers help them work together toward common goals.”

She said the Army hopes retired Soldiers will do their part in maintaining and strengthening the prestige of the Army and promoting goodwill between the Army and the general public.

Anderson said anyone interested can call the Retirement Services Office at 256-842-2719 or 256-842-2717.

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