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Get out your neon orange vest: hunting season is underway at Redstone Arsenal.

Frederick Anderson, recreation specialist and hunting coordinator at Outdoor Recreation, said anywhere from 300 to 500 marksmen take advantage of hunting on post each year. Deer hunting will be allowed through Feb. 10.

Kelly Smith, conservation law enforcement officer at the Arsenal, said there is enough food and space to sustain the wildlife on post.

“And to ensure it stays that way, wildlife managers use hunting as a tool to keep the balance of animals for the food that’s available,” he said.

“We also have a small game, waterfowl and spring turkey hunting season on post,” Smith said, adding that because of constant development and construction on Redstone, “maintaining the wildlife and food/habitat to wildlife populations sustainability becomes a constant task.”

While hunting on Redstone is fruitful, with an abundance of small game, deer, turkey and waterfowl, it comes with a set of extensive rules and regulations, Anderson said.

A Redstone Arsenal hunting permit, which costs $50, is required, but before it can be purchased, hunters must complete the following steps:

• Acquire an Alabama state hunting license for the appropriate game. Permits can be obtained at various outdoor retail stores or

online at Outdoor Alabama (www.

• Obtain a hunter education certificate. (This can be from Alabama or any other state.)

• Attend a Redstone Arsenal hunting orientation class. (Since the onset of COVID-19, this class has been available online.) The class is free of charge.

• Obtain a weapon permit for all shotguns and muzzleloaders from the Directorate of Emergency Services.

Contractors whose full-time place of duty is on the Arsenal must also complete a contractor employment form.

Archery equipment including crossbows does not have to be registered, but in order to bring such equipment on post, users must acquire a current “bow permit,” which can be issued at Outdoor Recreation during normal operating hours.

The permit must be used each time the bow is brought onto post by declaring the weapon at the gate.

Anderson said the orientation includes a plethora of safety tips that are especially helpful because the Arsenal is a federal installation and has some contaminated areas.

Hunters will also receive information on what to do if they encounter unexploded ordnance.

Hunting areas change each week on the Arsenal and can be found at the “Range Report” at the MWR/Outdoor Recreation website at Changes are based on input from tenant organizations, including those who may be conducting tests that prohibit hunters from their locations, construction, etc.

Hunting areas “are placed logically between road, fence lines, rivers and creeks,” Anderson said. “They are marked in the woods with signs.”

Redstone Arsenal hunters are also asked to sign themselves in and out of the installation’s hunting areas each day, and report the game they acquire in the HUNTRAC system via their user name and pin number.

Hunters are encouraged to help eliminate coyotes and other “nuisance animals” that are considered predators to the birds and white-tailed deer. Coyotes are prevalent “from the woods of Redstone Arsenal to the neighborhoods surrounding Redstone Arsenal,” Anderson said.

Those eligible to hunt at Redstone include civilian and government workers, contractors for whom the Arsenal is their place of duty, active duty military, reservists, retirees, Gold Star family members and disabled veterans.

For more information on hunting on post, call Outdoor Recreation at 876-4868 or 876-6854 during normal operation hours Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday between 9:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. The facility is closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

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