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Gary Haught, Links manager, holds a copy of the book written by his paternal grandmother, Betty Dennison Haught. “Same-Same” tells about her twins, Tim and Tad Haught, and their service in the Vietnam War. Tim is Gary’s father.

The phone rang Friday afternoon, May 28 as work at the Garrison wound down before the Memorial Day weekend.

The caller was Gary Haught, manager of the Links golf course.

“I brought the book I was telling you about,” he said. He was referring to “Same-Same,” the book about the Haught twins, Tim and Tad, and their service in the Vietnam War. Tim is Gary’s father.

It was written by his paternal grandmother, Betty Dennison Haught.

“My dad’s mom wrote this book. It’s a quick read,” Gary said.

The twins had gone to Vietnam together as Soldiers in 1968. They were stationed with the 34th Engineer Battalion (Construction) in Phu Loi, South Vietnam. Tim returned home after his yearlong tour. Sadly, Tad was killed when a landmine was detonated from the brush during mine sweeping duty, Feb. 28, 1969.

The book “Same-Same,” which Vietnamese locals had nicknamed the twins, recounts their lives from the time they were inducted into the Army until the day Tim returned home from Vietnam.

It’s an intriguing read based on their letters home. The author describes her feelings as a concerned mother praying for her sons’ safe return from war.

From the beginning of their military service, she had a premonition that one of her sons would die in the war. Her worst nightmare came true March 1, 1969, when a sergeant knocked on her door to tell her about Tad’s death. Tim returned home for the funeral and then went back to his engineer unit in Vietnam to complete his tour.

Tad had been exchanging letters with Ceffie Maditz, a girl in their Clarksburg, West Virginia, hometown. Ceffie shared in the family’s grief over Tad’s death. Tim and Ceffie started corresponding with each other. When Tim returned home, they began dating and eventually married. They celebrated their 50th anniversary May 29.

Ceffie and Tim Haught had three children, including two daughters and their son, Gary, who became a PGA professional and now the Links manager.

The Haughts’ children and grandchildren continue the family’s proud tradition.

“Same-Same” concludes with this: “Tim and Ceffie’s story is a true to life Fairy Tale, and like all good fairy tales, I believe that they will live happily ever after!”

Editor’s note: This is the 323rd in a series of articles about Vietnam veterans as the United States commemorates the 50th anniversary of the Vietnam War.

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