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Olivia Pierce is the Financial Readiness Program manager at Army Community Service.

Team Redsone members seeking financial guidance are in good hands with Redstone Arsenal’s newest Financial Readiness Program manager, Olivia Pierce.

Pierce took over as the new Army Community Service Financial Readiness Program manager July 6. Pierce, who previously worked as the Family Advocacy Program manager for the 2nd Recruiting Brigade, brings more than a decade of experience as a clinical therapist and licensed professional counselor.

Pierce’s history in licensed professional counseling and family advocacy helped her forge a path to financial planning. Family advocacy had a clinical component, but also gave Pierce ample opportunities to provide education and guidance to her clients.

“I enjoy giving psychology away,” she said. “I enjoy teaching people on, ‘here are some things you can try to improve your personal life or your relationships.’ And so it only made sense that being in a financial counselor or financial readiness program role, I could do the same with money and your relationship with money.”

Pierce’s experience in financial planning and counseling uniquely equips her to assist Team Redstone in financial decisions, albeit in a non-clinical role.

“I’ll be marrying financial counseling with financial therapy,” she said. “Financial counseling is all about numbers, and financial therapy is all about the beliefs and the values and behaviors when it comes to managing money. So, I’ll be bringing together the best of both worlds to help people logically put something together on paper, but then also emotionally and behaviorally help them follow through with what they put on paper.”

Financial self-sufficiency for all members of Team Redstone, whether they be military, contractors, civilians or family members, is the goal of Pierce’s practice. She is passionate about utilizing her depth of experience in her new role, providing education and guidance to anyone seeking her expertise.

“When your behavior and your values are incongruent, that’s usually what brings people into clinical therapy, and the same is true for financial issues,” Pierce said. “When people find themselves in a financial pickle, it’s because their behaviors and values were also incongruent. So, folks can benefit from my past as an accredited financial counselor and also as a licensed professional counselor in helping them challenge cognitive errors and helping them challenge the things that are getting in their way of actually following through with financial goals.”

Pierce invites any member of Team Redstone in need of financial assistance to reach out to her for a consultation. She can currently be reached at her email address, More information about the Financial Readiness Program at Redstone Arsenal can be found at

“I would love to become Team Redstone’s money and relationship guru, whether it’s repairing relationships as a result of financial misunderstandings or if it’s repairing your overall relationship with money,” Pierce said. “Let me help you.”

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