Alabama is one of 29 states with a law saying any car moving slower than the normal speed of traffic should move over to the right lane.

As of Sept. 1, the Anti-Road Rage Act applies primarily to Alabama interstate highways. This law requires that drivers use the left lane for passing only and allows motorists to travel in the left lane for 1.5 miles to pass slower drivers. Drivers then must move back to the middle or right lanes.

The exceptions are in case of congestion, construction, weather or left

highway exits. Some left-lane drivers mistakenly think they are keeping people safer by slowing down traffic. In reality cars going 5 mph slower than surrounding traffic have a greater chance of causing accidents than cars going 5 mph faster.

Having slow drivers in both lanes often results in faster drivers weaving in and out of traffic which greatly increases the risk of accidents. Violations are treated like a speeding ticket and comes with a similar cost. Officers will hand out warnings for the first 60 days instead of tickets.

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