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The new deputy commander of the Aviation and Missile Command received a welcome ceremony Thursday in Bob Jones Auditorium.

Bill Marriott arrived at the Sparkman Center, having traveled east on Martin Road from his previous assignment as the deputy chief of staff personnel, G-1, at Army Materiel Command, where he had served since March 2009.

“Bill has superb leadership skills and has an outstanding record of success throughout his remarkable career,” AMCOM commander Maj. Gen. Jim Richardson said. “His talents, skills and leadership will be invaluable to the aviation and missile materiel enterprise and our support to Soldiers.”

Before his previous role at AMC, Marriott was a 26-year career naval officer, graduating from the U.S. Naval Academy, and serving in a variety of worldwide positions. He was appointed to the Senior Executive Service in July 2005, and has also served as a Department of Defense executive secretary.

Richardson detailed the exhaustive selection process that brought Marriott to his new role.

“AMCOM is a complex organization, and we need the best to lead,” Richardson said. “AMCOM is essential to Army readiness. Without the right leader at the helm, our support to Soldiers suffers. We made the right choice with Bill Marriott, who has an impressive background.”

Proven leadership and professionalism is what Marriott brings to the AMCOM team.

“He has an impressive and diverse background, having served as the aide-de-camp to the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. We are lucky to have all that experience now residing on the fifth floor in the Sparkman Center,” Richardson said.

Richardson emphasized that his new deputy will face many challenges in the future, and that he is equal to the challenge.

“Move out and draw fire,” Richardson said. “Lead from the front. Everything you do is about the Soldier on the ground; never lose sight of that.”

Marriott acknowledged his guidance.

“This is a time to serve that is of enormous consequence to our nation,” Marriott said. “I believe that anything is possible if you work hard enough. The true strength of our Army lies not in our weapon systems, but in the hearts of our men and women - their patriotism, professionalism and determination to accomplish the mission.”

What AMCOM does on a daily basis matters, Marriott said.

“The AMCOM team is part of a truly important time in our nation’s history,” he said. “The challenge for us as we move forward is to be a difference maker. Our strategic priorities will be our rallying points in an uncertain national-security environment. We will seize opportunities as they arise, and adapt AMCOM to meet the requirements of Force 2025 and beyond.

“I am honored to be part of the AMCOM team.”

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