Need a laugh? Maybe two? Or more?

Stand Up Live Huntsville can help. The comedy dinner theater is located at 2012 Memorial Parkway SW, near the Governors Drive intersection, headed south.

“Comedy has been my life for the better part of eight years and I love it,” Jonathan Craig, the club’s assistant manager said. “I hope everyone in our community comes to Stand Up Live at some point and finds that magic. It’s an escape from daily life and I know it’s cliché, but laughter really is the best medicine.”

Craig got started as part of the independent comedy scene in Huntsville in 2011. He went on to stages in Nashville and Chicago. He’s even acted on TV shows like Chicago Fire and Nashville.

When he was in Nashville performing at Zanies, he learned of the owner’s interest in opening a comedy club in Huntsville and got involved. He’s found he loves the business side of comedy as much as performing.

Craig offers a Comedy Class at Stand Up Live.

“This is the comedy class I wish was available to me in Huntsville when I started,” he said. It’s for anyone interested in stand up but they’ve never been on stage before. Or it’s for those who have performed comedy maybe a year or so and want to sharpen their skills.

He’s seen some people take the class who are not interested in pursuing comedy as a profession, but maybe as a hobby. Or, he’s had people who wanted to prepare for giving speeches or presentations.

About 100 students from all walks of life have taken the class since it started in May 2018.

“It’s a small group of people and a safe space,” he said. “No one has to worry about being judged.”

When it comes to Stand Up Live Huntsville’s lineup, Craig said there’s always something funny going on.

“We like to think we can get just about anybody to come perform here,” he said. “Some are on bigger tours but because of their friendships with the owners of the club, they’ll agree to a stop in Huntsville.”

The Huntsville club has a good reputation in Los Angeles, New York, and beyond, he said.

Once they’ve been here, the acts say repeatedly that what sets Huntsville apart is that the crowd “gets into their jokes.”

“Frank Caliendo, who will be here Aug. 23, was here last year and did one show. He was on tour and popped in here and did one show which was completely sold out,” Craig said. “The next day he called our booker and said, ‘That club in Huntsville was really into it. It was the best reaction I’ve had in a few years,’ and he was very thankful for the audience.”

Performers have repeatedly commented how they can tell the audiences in Huntsville are smarter, and they like it.

“They can tell more intelligent jokes here,” he said. “Once they tell a joke that doesn’t work somewhere else but it lands here, they know they can be more interactive on stage with them.”

He said the lineup includes big names people have known for years, but if you don’t recognize a headliner, he asks that people trust the Stand Up Live Huntsville team.

“We reinvent ourselves from week-to-week and you’ll always be entertained,” he said.

Upcoming headliners at Stand Up Live Huntsville include:

Plastic Cup Boyz, Aug. 22

Frank Caliendo, Aug. 23,

Matt Rife, Aug. 24-Aug 25

Funny As Ale, Aug 28

Shaun Latham, Aug. 20

Adele Givens, Aug. 30-Sept. 1

Heather McMahan, Sept. 3

Blake Webber, Sept. 5

Brooks Wheelan, Sept. 6-8

Tim Northern, Sept. 12,

Mike Epps, Sept 13 – 15

Gus Johnson, Sept. 16

“Caddyshack” with Cindy Morgan, Sept. 18

Shuler King, Sept. 19

Joel McHale, Sept. 20-21

Stand Up Live Open Mic, Sept. 22

Funny as Ale, Sept. 25

Dan Lamorte, Sept. 26

Christopher Titus, Sept 27-28

Hailey Boyle, Oct. 3

Kountry Wayne, Oct. 4-6

Locash, Oct. 7

Cindy Kaza, Oct. 8

Dry Bar Live, Oct. 10

Doug Stanhope, Oct. 10

Sinbad, Oct. 11-13

Ross Bennett, Oct. 16

Fortune Feimster, Oct. 17

John Heffron, Oct. 18-20

HUNKS Male Review, Oct. 19

Anjelah Johnson, Oct. 21

Ryan O’Flanagan, Oct. 22

Sommore, Oct. 25-27

Rocky Dale Davis, Oct. 31-Nov. 3

Jess Hilarious, Nov. 9

Andrew Santino, Nov. 10

Steve Rannazzisi, Nov. 14

Sheryl Underwood, Nov. 15-16

Stand Up Live Open Mic, Nov. 17

Gary Owen, Dec. 6-8

Stand Up Live Open Mic, Dec. 22

Donnie Baker, Dec. 30-31

For tickets, menu, and more information go to

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