Memorial Day was never intended to be a celebration, at least not in the way we think of celebrations. Later in the special section we take a look at the history of Memorial Day as it turns 50.

When most people think of the word celebration, they think fireworks and barbeques, cake and ice cream, presents and loved ones, and when people think of Memorial Day, for most of them, it marks the beginning for summer, the start of family vacations and mattress sales.

But, Memorial Day was never supposed to be any of those things.

A better word for Memorial Day would be an observance, or maybe even better, a remembrance.

For the Gold Star Families who have lost loved ones, it’s a day with a specific meaning. Later you’ll meet two Gold Star Families and learn about the people they lost and how they carry on their memory .

For everyone else, it should be a day for everyone to spare a thought for those who lost their lives while serving this country and the families they left behind.

That’s not a big ask, but it’s important.

It’s true, we have a lot to celebrate this year. It seems COVID-19 is almost over. Things are opening back up and Americans are regaining a sense of normalcy, but those things can wait until June 1.

This year on Memorial Day take the time to observe it the way it was intended.

Inside you’ll find a few of ways to do that like the story behind Buddy Poppies, the National Moment of Remembrance and flying your flags at half-staff.

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