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A multi-racial superhero woman in boxing gloves will be seen around Huntsville by the thousands after the artwork was revealed and T-shirts are on sale for the 2019 Liz Hurley Ribbon Run.

This year’s artist, Renee Prasil, joined Hurley to unveil the painting to cheers from the crowd at Stovehouse on Sept. 19. It was the kickoff event for the 16th annual Huntsville Hospital Foundation fundraiser which is looking to raise money to buy the most advanced 3D mammogram machine for its Madison hospital, to aid early detection.

Hurley keeps the artwork top secret until the reveal party when T-shirts featuring the artwork, along with posters and other items, go on sale to support the 5K Run and Survivors’ Walk fundraiser.

The local TV news anchor started the fund in 1999 following her breast cancer battle. During the past 20 years, nearly $5.4 million has been raised to support breast cancer awareness programs and equip breast centers at Huntsville Hospital and Madison Hospital with the latest diagnostic technology.

“My battle started 21 years ago and it’s amazing to see how far we’ve come, yet knowing we haven’t gone far enough and that we still have to have this fund and have to continue to raise the money to support it,” Hurley said. “This community is like no other … they understand when they make a donation to this fund that it’s an investment in their future.”

During the unveiling, Hurley praised the painting and asked Prasil if the “W” on the woman superhero’s shirt stood for wonder or winner?

“It could and it should,” Prasil said. “But it’s a nod to the woman, the women who are constantly going through this battle they are superheroes” … holding down a job and raising children, doing what they have to as they fight the breast cancer battle.

Prasil said she was given liberty to come up with her own vision for this year’s artwork and it was the fight that it takes to battle breast cancer that inspired her painting.

“I wanted it to convey that everyone is affected by breast cancer,” Prasil said. “There is no one group left out of this so this woman has a mixture of all the different skins tones.”

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