We’re not usually ladies who lunch, but when we found out that Melt joined the eatery offerings at The Avenue in downtown Huntsville, we found an excuse to clear our calendars, take advantage of our two totally different sets of taste buds, and put all those sandwiches to the test.

Amy’s take:

Did someone say cheese?

Located at 201 Jefferson St. in downtown Huntsville, Melt brings a Birmingham delicacy to the Rocket City. Think: comfort food meets millennials, with plenty of cheese – macaroni and cheese stuffed egg rolls, macaroni and cheese on Texas toast (yes, that counts as a sandwich), and honey baked goat cheese on sourdough toast. The Huntsville location, which opened in July, carries on the traditions of the Avondale location – classic lunchboxes house cutlery and napkins, and board games keep the kiddos, or simply young at heart, occupied when they’re not busy stuffing their face.

If cheese is not one of your main food groups, don’t fret – it may be Melt’s staple, but it’s not the only thing on the menu. But it is in a lot of things. I opted for the Ole Smokey: turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, cheddar cheese and smokey mayo on sourdough. With a side of cucumber tomato salad, the result was savory and garden-fresh, with just the right amount of mess to keep you hanging on until the next bite.

Don’t forget to save room for dessert – I’ll let Katie wax poetic about the deep fried double-stuffed Oreos, but let’s just say this: it was like a funnel cake and Oreos came together and made a baby – and let me tell you, it was worth every bite. Be forewarned – half an Oreo can go a long way, unless you have an expert level sweet tooth.

And while we didn’t sample the adult beverage options – hello working lunch – it should be noted they are on the menu.

Katie’s take:

Why would someone who does not eat grilled cheese sandwiches agree to review a restaurant where they are the specialty?

Five words: deep fried double-stuffed Oreos.

And in my case, it was also an opportunity for Scene Editor Amy Tolson and I to treat our beloved photographer Bryan Bacon to lunch before he moved onto greener pastures.

But I digress. Upon sitting down in the modern -slash- industrial farmhouse-inspired dining room (think reclaimed wood and window walls), I quickly realized that my idea of grilled cheese was woefully outdated. The menu was varied, and while toast and cheese were plenty, they also had a variety of other dining options.

I personally had the buffalo chicken sandwich with fries and the serving was so generous that I took half of the meal home – where it was immediately gobbled up by my 15-year-old son. So in a way, you are getting two reviews for the price of one because although he is an eating machine, he did judge the meal as especially tasty.

As for the much-anticipated dessert, it tasted like a toasted Oreo wrapped in a funnel cake which is my kind of sweets. Took a few of them home to the family also, to which they received three additional thumbs up.

Verdict: Aesthetic is fresh, food is delish and parking was surprisingly not the drama I thought it would be. Melt is the perfect spot for a lunch date with friends.

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