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Apollo 11 launch anniversary blasts off in hopes of rocket record

Rocket enthusiasts, this is for you.

And since this is the Rocket City, there are probably a lot of you out there.

On July 16, the U.S. Space & Rocket Center will host two big rocket launches in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Apollo program. One on-campus and the other on a global stage.

The first will be a coordinated launch by Rocket Center employees and volunteers to break a Guinness World Record of the most rockets launched simultaneously.

“The current record was 3,974. We are going to launch 5,000 and we are confident that we will break the previous record,” U.S. Space & Rocket Center’s Robin Soprano said.

The rockets will be mounted in 50 wooden frames each holding 100 Pathfinder Rockets. Soprano said that they are the rockets normally used during the Pathfinder Camp program. With the original Apollo launch time of 9:32 a.m. Eastern Standard Time, the Rocket Center plans to launch theirs at the same time – 8:32 a.m. Central Standard Time. They welcome spectators to witness history in the making.

Also planned for July 16 will be a separate rocket launch event. The Global Rocket Launch invites people across the globe to launch their own rockets. To sign up, go to

“We have quite a list, last time I heard we were over 20,000 (participants globally),” Soprano said. “We have every time zone covered now.”

There are no hard and fast rules to the citizen launch other than safety first. Rockets can be built from scratch or a kit. There is no age requirement; budding rocket scientists young and old are welcome to participate.

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