Welcome home to Redstone Gateway, Yulista.

The defense contractor broke ground earlier this year on a multi-building campus at Redstone Gateway that will include a multi-story office building, supporting research and development facilities, and at least 300,000 square feet. The campus is expected to be complete by the end of 2020.

We asked Joe Parsley, director of Business Development for Yulista, to share a little bit about the company, and their future in the Rocket City.

Q: For someone who is not familiar with Yulista, how would you describe the work that you do?

In 2002, Yulista Holdings LLC, began operations in Huntsville with a single contract and a handful of employees. In less than 20 years, we are now a global company supporting both domestic and international customers, executing over 500 programs. Yulista Holding LLC, is a subsidiary of Calista Corporation, an Alaskan Native Corporation whose parent company is located in Anchorage, Alaska. Yulista is the holding company for 10 different Yulista divisions that support Department of Defense work.

Yulista currently manages over 1,800 employees and has an industry team of over 250 subcontractors and 1,100 material vendors. To date, Yulista has collectively managed the execution of over 5,000 individual task orders resulting in approximately 500 improved aviation and ground systems. On any given day, Yulista manages over 230 ongoing programs/projects throughout the world with dedicated managers and key technical staff supporting critical missions.

Yulista serves customers in over 30 countries. Our quality solutions coupled with our extensive experience, makes us leaders in aviation, ground, logistics, training, base operations and maintenance support. We have Field Engineering Teams that can deploy globally when and where they are needed to perform modification, maintenance, training, and in support of international and domestic customers.

Q: Why has Huntsville been an ideal location for Yulista and how has Cummings Research Park served you well over the years?

Yulista’s primary location is Madison County. Our headquarters is strategically positioned near Huntsville, home of the Aviation and Missile Command located on Redstone Arsenal, PEO Aviation, NASA’s Marshall Space Center, Missile Defense Agency, Space and Missile Defense Command, and many other government organizations that are located within this unique geographic region. Huntsville is also home to the second largest research park in the United States, where over $100 billion dollars of government contract work is performed. The city of Huntsville is expected to be the largest city in Alabama in the next five years, and companies such as Google, Facebook, Polaris, and many defense firms like Yulista are placing headquarters here, since it has become such a hub for technology and invention.

In addition to this strategic customer base and location, Yulista owns 60,000 square feet of aircraft hangar facilities at the Madison County Executive Airport in Meridianville. Two of the hangars are dedicated to military aircraft modifications and the other two are used primarily for commercial and general aviation work. These facilities, combined with our subject matter experts, provide all subsidiary companies under Yulista Holding, LLC the necessary tools and resources for a complete aviation back-shop for repairs, upgrades and painting of aircraft components. Yulista maximizes these resources to expand capabilities and offer technical, logistic, management, along with overall cradle-to-grave support of complex ground, aviation and other weapon system programs.

Q: What excites you most about your new campus in Redstone Gateway?

Housing all of our subsidiaries under one roof will lead to greater synergy as we work to implement the best solutions for our customers. As CEO and President Josh Herren states, “We are proud of our Alaska roots, but have been part of the Huntsville community since 2002, and are delighted to say that our operational hub is Huntsville, Alabama. Consolidating into a campus-like setting located next to our government partners is good for the company, great for the team members of Yulista, better for the customers and excellent for the community.”

Q: Where do you see the company heading in the next five years?

Over the past several years, Yulista’s capabilities have grown tremendously. We are recognized as an industry leader in the modernization and service life extension of all types of aircraft, both rotary-wing and fixed-wing. Yulista’s ongoing aircraft modification and maintenance programs clearly depicts the innovative, high-tech nature of the work we are capable of performing and the ongoing support we provide our country’s defenders. We have built a strong presence within the U.S. government and with international communities. We are dedicated in providing innovative solutions that meet the needs of our international and domestic customers.

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