More than 20 years after he mentored young troops as an Army drill sergeant at Fort Sill, Oklahoma, Floyd Smith leads a team at the installation’s Fleet Maintenance Expansion site. The site is part of Aviation and Missile Command’s Aviation Center Logistics Command.

While his 21 years in uniform as an Army self-propelled field artillery systems mechanic provided a solid foundation for his current role as a supervisory equipment specialist, Smith said it is the Army values that make his team a true success.

“Selfless service is one of the attributes that all former military members continue to exude after they leave active duty,” the retired master sergeant said. “It is the cornerstone of teamwork, which equates to mission-oriented views and accomplishments.”

Smith said serving as a Fort Sill drill sergeant from 1995-97 was among his most challenging, and most rewarding assignments. The Capital Heights, Maryland, native returned to Fort Sill for the last years of his career, from 2001-05, and now calls the area home.

In his current role, Smith leads a team of nearly 30 employees responsible for the maintenance of the 428th Field Artillery Brigade’s wheeled fleet, which includes everything from Humvees to large cargo trucks. The team made up of Army veterans share a common thread.

“I recognize that I was a part of something much bigger than myself while I was in the Army,” he said. “Embracing the good and bad, the highs and lows, is what made me who I am today.”

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