Ashley Hall

Ashley Hall knew early on that she wanted to become an engineer.

“Whenever I was in school I liked math. That was my favorite subject,” Hall, a civil engineer in the Garrison’s Directorate of Public Works, said.

She particularly liked bridges and she wanted to design bridges. As a freshman in high school, she decided she wanted to enter civil engineering.

Hall has worked at the Garrison since June 2016. She worked for a gas pipeline company in Decatur from 2015-16, designing projects and writing proposals. She did civil design work with a private firm in Auburn, the Foresite Group, from 2013-15.

The Arcadia, Florida, native enjoys what she does for the Garrison.

“I like it, I like it a lot,” she said. “You get to do a lot of different things. So you can basically take it and go where you want with it.”

Hall just finished the design work on a 25-acre testing site which will have four 200-foot towers. “That was cool,” she said. The design is done, and bids for construction have been received.

“And they’ve had a lot of water replacement jobs lately,” she said. “Water mains that are too old and need to be replaced.”

Hall is on one of the engineering branch’s three teams. Each team has an architect, an electrical engineer, a mechanical engineer, a civil engineer, two computer-aided-design drafters, a project manager and a team lead.

She graduated from Auburn University in December 2011 with a bachelor’s in civil engineering. She considered but decided against changing her major to chemical engineering at the end of her junior year.

Hall and her husband of seven years, Chase, reside in Limestone County. Chase, an electrical engineer at Marshall Space Flight Center, received his electrical engineering degree from Auburn in 2008.

The couple first met while playing tennis on the Auburn tennis courts. Hall, 31, still enjoys the game. She is also taking a sewing class and a knitting class.

She recommends the engineering profession particularly for students who like math.

“In Huntsville specifically there are a lot of (engineering) job opportunities. That’s a good reason,” Hall said. “The point in getting a degree ultimately is to get a job in it. That is why I would encourage the engineering field. As long as you like what you do.”

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