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Hansel Gill has been named deputy director of NASA’s Michoud Assembly Facility.

He will assist the Michoud director in overseeing one of the world’s largest manufacturing facilities, which provides the crucial infrastructure where elements of NASA’s Space Launch System and Orion spacecraft are assembled. Michoud also provides facilities for non-NASA governmental and commercial technology-based industry tenant operations.

From 2016 to his new appointment, Gill was subsystem manager for production of the SLS Block 1B Exploration Upper Stage in the Block 1B Development Office and the Stages Element Office, providing technical leadership for SLS core stage and exploration upper stage planning and production operations. From 2015-16, he was technical assistant to the Office of the Director at Marshall Space Flight Center.

In 2013, Gill was team lead and acting assistant branch chief for the Metals Joining and Processes Branch in the Metals Engineering Division. He was responsible for materials process development and characterization, product management, and corrosion engineering supporting the advanced exploration and manufacturing needs aligned with agency strategic vectors. Gill also led production for the EFT-1 multipurpose crew vehicle stage adaptor, providing the structural interface for Orion and the Delta IV launch system supporting the EFT-1 Orion Flight Test.

Gill received various awards during his time at Marshall, including the NASA Honor Award Exceptional Achievement Medal, Director’s Commendation Honor Award, Safety Flight Awareness Awards, and the 24th STEM Global Competitiveness Conference Black Engineer of the Year Award-Modern Day Technology Leader distinction.

Gill earned his bachelor’s in mathematics from Oakwood University in 1996 and his master’s in industrial and systems engineering from the University of Alabama in Huntsville in 2007. He resides in Huntsville with his wife, Arnissa, and daughter, Addison.

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