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Construction is booming at the FBI North Campus, with several new buildings and a multi-level parking deck and road improvements underway.

In June, the FBI broke ground on its new three-story, 250,000 square foot Innovation Center, which will include a Kinetic Cyber Range, Virtual Reality Classroom, multi-purpose classrooms with enhanced audiovisual capabilities, and labs and workspaces.

Alicia Irmscher, public affairs officer for the FBI at Redstone, said the Innovation Center is slated for opening in spring 2024.

Several other projects are complete, she said, including a Multi-Purpose Facility and multi-level parking deck (Parking Deck 1) on the North Campus.

“However, for the safety of our personnel they are not being utilized at this time, as other buildings like Operations Building 1 are still under construction,” Irmscher said, adding that those buildings are on track to open next spring and summer.

Also complete is the Defensive Systems Unit Weapon Management Facility on the South Campus, she said.

Other buildings either in the design stage or under construction at the North Campus include the Health Wellness and Resiliency Center, scheduled to open spring 2022; the Terrorist Explosive Device Analytical Centers Explosive Technical Laboratory, opening in the coming weeks; and Technology Building 1, also scheduled for opening in the spring.

Irmscher said a TEDAC substitution facility is also complete and in use.

Completion dates have not yet been announced for the complex’s Technology Building #2 and Parking Deck 2, she said.

The FBI is investing an estimated $1 billion on their North Campus, the Technology and Forensic District, and their South Campus, the Applied Technical Training District, at the Arsenal.

Work at the intersections of Martin and Dodd Road and Fowler and Dodd Road will help accommodate the anticipated increase in traffic on post as more FBI employees relocate to Redstone.

Irmscher said the organization has “1,115 personnel on the ground and are presently on track to have roughly a total of 2,000 personnel here by next summer.”

Jacob Roth, master planner for the Garrison’s Directorate of Public Works, said infrastructure improvements include the addition of traffic lights and turning lanes and the widening of Dodd and Fowler roads, all funded by the FBI.

Kris Leatherman, engineering branch chief at DPW, said “most of the arms are up,” referring to the pole and “arms” that hold the traffic lights.

Work at both intersections is expected to be completed by February 2022, Leatherman said.

“That’s what we’re tracking now,” he said. “The intent is to be able to manage traffic once the FBI starts moving in.”

The construction at the intersections has not interfered with traffic on post for two reasons, according to Leatherman.

“The real invasive work is taking place on the weekends,” he said, “and the population on the base is pretty low right now.”

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