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The U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command/Army Forces Strategic Command has been awarded the Army’s Best Protection Program and the Best Antiterrorism Program following an assessment last year by the Department of the Army.

The two awards were presented to Will Clapp, G-34 chief, and Mike Primm, antiterrorism officer, during the annual Worldwide Army Antiterrorism Conference, Feb. 2-6, at the Shades of Green Military Resort and Conference Center in Orlando, Florida.

The Army’s antiterrorism program protects personnel, information, property and facilities against acts of terrorism.

The Protection Program encompasses all of the disciplines that fall within the G-34 or Protection Division to include antiterrorism, physical security, operations security, defense critical infrastructure, emergency management and many others.

Clapp discussed the importance of protection and how G-34 has positively contributed to the daily safeguarding of the command’s globally dispersed personnel, facilities, equipment and critical assets.

“Our Operations Security Program has trained and certified more than 600 Department of Defense OPSEC officers in the last few years which has greatly enhanced the security posture throughout all of the Department of Defense,” he said. “The training strategy for the mobile training team by our dedicated command OPSEC officer was accomplished with very little cost, saving DoD more than $400,000 and significantly benefiting DoD, the U.S. Army and our command.

“Our dedicated, and hard-working antiterrorism, physical security, and access control professionals work closely and daily with host-installations, local law enforcement/first responders, higher headquarters and Department of the Army headquarters ensuring the continued protection of our command,” Clapp added.

“Lastly, our Defense Critical Infrastructure Protection is a premier program that has been frequently recognized by HQDA as the standard for other organizations to emulate. This program is paramount to the assurance that USASMDC/ARSTRAT critical assets are adequately protected and continuity of our vital missions is achieved.”

Clapp said receiving these awards, which are the only two given out by the G-34 of the Army, was great for G-34 and the command.

“The dedicated, selfless and hard-working professionals that make up USASMDC/ARSTRAT G-34 are remarkable employees who quietly ensure the day-to-day protection of our personnel, facilities, equipment and critical assets,” he said. “These recognitions for having the best AT Program and G-34 in the U.S. Army is well-deserved. We are fortunate to have command leadership that recognizes and supports the important functions of protection and to have such a talented G-34 team.”

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