Andrew (Andy) Schorr

 Andrew (Andy) Schorr

Andy Schorr has been named manager of the Spacecraft/Payload Integration and Evolution Office in the Space Launch System Program Office at Marshall Space Flight Center, pending approval by the Office of Personnel Management.

Schorr is responsible for development and qualification of the in-space stage, launch vehicle adapters, and secondary payload interfaces on the SLS Block 1 vehicle and a universal adapter and payload adapter for the Block 1B vehicle configuration.

He became assistant manager of the integration and evolution office in 2013 and deputy manager in 2017, responsible for managing development and qualification of the launch vehicle stage adapter, Orion stage adapter, Interim Cryogenic Propulsion Stage hardware components, and SLS payload integration.

His previous positions included manager of the Propellant/Liner/Castable Inhibitor Subsystem, lead for Postflight Assessment, and technical assistant for the space shuttle Redesigned Solid Rocket Motor. As the Constellation program was initiated in 2005, Schorr was selected as lead for design and development of the shuttle-derived five-segment motor, which later was utilized as a key component of the SLS vehicle architecture. 

Schorr joined NASA in 1991 as a member of the Redesigned Solid Rocket Motor Chief Engineer’s Office at Marshall.

Prior to his NASA career, Schorr was a propulsion engineer at Martin Marietta in Denver, supporting development of propellant ground support systems for the space launch site at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California, and later as a member of Return to Flight efforts following the Challenger accident.

Schorr holds a bachelor’s in mechanical engineering from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale. He has received numerous awards, including a Silver Snoopy, Silver Achievement Medal, and Exceptional Achievement Medal. A native of Sparta, Illinois, Schorr and his wife, Stacy, reside in Madison. They have two adult daughters, Erika and Rachele, both of whom live in Alabama.

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