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Seventeen teams from Marshall Space Flight Center were honored with the agency’s Space Flight Awareness Team Award in a virtual ceremony Sept. 23. The annual award is presented to NASA civil servants and contractors who demonstrate strong work ethic and creative, innovative thinking in support of human spaceflight in the first seven years of their career.

“This is a great way to celebrate our Marshall awardees; true trailblazers on this journey of exploration and discovery,” Steve Miley, Marshall’s associate director, said. “These folks have shown they are true problem solvers, innovators, leaders, hard workers, and team players in areas ranging from computing services, television and communications, payload ops for the International Space Station, Human Landing Systems and supporting the Space Launch System rocket.”

The teams and their accomplishments are:

NASA Green Run Television team, for exemplary teamwork, initiative, flexibility, innovation and perseverance in the planning and delivery of a high-quality NASA Green Run television broadcast given schedule uncertainty. The team’s efforts made it possible to broadly share this critical Artemis mission milestone with the public, key stakeholders and the workforce.

Marshall and Agency Computing Services team, for outstanding teamwork and greatly enhancing the security of Marshall’s Data Center infrastructure by securing system configurations to over 90% compliance, therefore greatly reducing the risk to the Marshall Information Technology Services Moderate Infrastructure.

Human Landing System Program Planning and Control team, for providing significant contribution to the success of the program through the establishment of strategy, risk, control, and reporting processes to enable successful progress through the base period. Through the sustained, superior performance of the team, the program successfully established a risk management system, developed sustaining lander strategies, and managed the program’s budget, risk, and schedule functions.

Space Launch System Program Baseline Verification team, for exceptional innovation and dedication to ensuring successful as-designed and as-built SLS Artemis I vehicle certification. This team developed and conducted a configuration certification audit activity to supplement the functional configuration audit and to supplement and complete the physical configuration audit of the SLS Artemis I vehicle.

Space Launch System Strategic Communications team, for their significant contribution, performance, communication, and integration of the communication efforts surrounding the SLS Green Run hot fire. Their leadership and exceptional activities during a pandemic were critical to strategically communicating the success of the test of the core stage of the rocket that is the backbone of the Artemis program. Their efforts led to increased awareness of the progress of the program amongst stakeholders, media, and the general public, all of which are crucial to the continued advancement of the agency’s goal to put the first woman and first person of color on the Moon by 2024.

Space Launch System Information Technology and Security Support team, for superior information technology and security performance in supporting SLS during center shutdown and mandatory telework due to COVID-19; meeting all safety and security requirements for the SLS program to maintain mission success.

Launch Vehicle Stage Adapter 2 Welding and Manufacturing team, for sustained superior performance in the delivery of the welded launch vehicle stage adapter 2 flight article. The team worked long and flexible hours under COVID-19 pandemic conditions for over a year to ensure that the Materials and Processes Laboratory delivered the welded flight article on schedule.

Launch Vehicle Stage Adapter Forward Skirt Knowledge Transfer team, for outstanding coordination between Marshall, Michoud Assembly Facility, and Kennedy Space Center personnel in preparation for Artemis I thermal protection system closeout operations. The team collaborated through outstanding knowledge transfer regarding surface preparation, spray-on foam insulation operations, and hands-on assessments of flight-like operations.

Core Stage Thrust Vector Control System Test team, for significant contributions in successfully completing SLS core stage thrust vector control system qualification testing at the thrust vector control laboratory. This outstanding, talented, and dedicated team made the system test a possibility through sustained effort, ingenuity, and incredible resolve to work together through challenging circumstances.

Space Launch System Core Stage Modal Test team, for successful completion of the SLS core stage modal test at Stennis Space Center. The modal test, the first of eight tests in the Green Run series for the SLS core stage, provided data to validate critical models used for the operation of the guidance, navigation, and control systems needed to ensure safe flight of the Artemis I vehicle.

Spacecraft Payload and Integration Element Artemis I Verification and Validation team, for outstanding accomplishments during fiscal year 2020-2021 in processing the closure of both spacecraft payload and integration element Artemis I, level 2 and level 3 detailed verification objectives.

Payload Operations Integration Crew Training Coordination team, for exceptional commitment to ensure that assigned space station crewmembers are trained to perform payload operations effectively and safely. The team circumnavigated many obstacles during the COVID-19 timeframe to ensure crew members would continue to be trained with a minimized set of resources.

Loadshed Enhancement team, for the outstanding dedication to increase the positioning of the Cold Atom Laboratory payload and EXPRESS – EXpedite the PRocessing of Experiments to the Space Station – Racks within the space station power loadshed tables. The teamwork and technical expertise provided on behalf of the cold atom payload/EXPRESS Racks, from multiple organizations, will ensure the safest of operating environments for years to come.

Payload Operations Integration Center Safety team, for outstanding support to the space station program for the implementation of a process to improve the identification and categorization of payload anomalies, making a safer environment for the crew and vehicle.

Gateway Internal Payload Accommodations Concept Development team: In recognition of developing the concept and requirements for an innovative Gateway internal payload support system providing necessary resources for multidiscipline research while increasing crew time efficiency, minimizing volume, improving safety, and simplifies sustaining over the life of the vehicle.

Marshall International Space Station Payload Test team, for significant contribution in responsiveness, management, and implementation of the space station payload testing during Marshall’s COVID-19 operations. The team’s dedication, adaptability, and ingenuity – while maintaining superior performance – enabled mission-essential payload customer delivery for the space station research program.

Ring-Sheared Drop Parabolic Flight team, for outstanding dedication, teamwork, and perseverance during the COVID-19 pandemic to support the ring-sheared drop parabolic flight, in order to test modifications to space station hardware that could lead to success of the in-orbit experiment.

“Your critical work pays forward to the goals this agency, and our center, are pursuing: Supporting the space station 24/7 and building and testing the world’s most powerful rocket as we prepare for its first launch and the Artemis I mission,” Miley said, “particularly during this past year’s great challenges, but year-round, your support also makes a difference.”

Editor’s note: Tee Quillin, a Media Fusion employee, Supports Marshall’s Office of Strategic Analysis & Communications.

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