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Red’s leadoff hitter Reid Pincomb hits a home run and two doubles in the 12-10 win over green.

His first two at bats, Reid Pincomb fell on slick spots while running the bases. But he didn’t have to run his third time up.

Pincomb followed his two doubles with a home run as the red team beat green 12-10 Thursday on field 1 at Brahan Spring Park. They play in the over-62 league in Huntsville Senior Softball.

“I’ve come back from the last game where I didn’t do too well,” Pincomb said. “I think it was the pitcher. It was a left-handed pitcher last game.”

The leadoff hitter, who played right center, went 3-for-4 with two runs batted in and three runs scored. Bobby Upton and John Corcetti also had three hits apiece for red (6-0). Buck Buchanan, Bruce Machamer and Greg Warnick added two hits apiece. Warnick pitched all seven innings for the win.

In the top of the seventh, green (2-4) got a two-run homer from Jerry Bevel. They had runners on first and third with two outs when third baseman Moe Evans snagged Robbie Owen’s line drive to end the game.

“Defense won the game,” red coach Billy Davis said. “We scored when we needed to and held the other team at the end.”

Lynn Deibler went 3-for-4 with one RBI and two runs for green. Bevel, Pat Lewallen, Don Marsh and Rodney Payne added two hits apiece. Player/coach Bob Drolet took the loss in the circle.

“It was a hell of a game, wasn’t it?” Drolet, 80, a retired brigadier general, said. “That was a good game. That was really a good game. Number one, we were playing an undefeated team and we hung in there and we lost but only by two runs. We let them get a little bit too far ahead. But as you saw, they have some wicked offense and defense.”

Drolet said green second baseman Payne was “awesome” on defense. Payne made seven assists, one putout and started a 4-6-3 double play.

“This is the first season he’s playing softball with us,” Drolet said. “He hadn’t played for 40 years and as you can see he’s a great infielder.

“The red (team) is tough. You can see that. They are tough.”

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