No surprises from this game.

Top-ranked Alabama whipped my alma mater Auburn 42-13 as expected Nov. 28 in Tuscaloosa. I figured my Tigers would be outgunned. And they were.

First I got some newspaper work done as usual then turned my attention to the game. The host Crimson Tide just had everything going their way from the beginning. They were bigger, stronger, faster and had more talent than Auburn.

When the Tide got a turnover late in the first half to preserve their 21-3 halftime lead, I turned off my television. I knew the game was over. The Tide was rolling and my Tigers weren’t.

I had predicted to myself before the game that the Tide would win 40-10 so my forecast proved accurate. Maybe I should have placed a bet somewhere. The better team usually wins in sports; and Alabama clearly had the better team this year.

I’m still an Auburn fan and I always will be. I have an Auburn Alumni Association sticker on my windshield and an Auburn tag on the front of my car. Of course there’s a Samford sticker on my rear bumper for my daughter’s school.

I’ll still greet strangers with “War Eagle” when I’m jogging on the greenway. The morning after the game, I wrote “War Eagle!” for my comment on the All SEC Talk page in Facebook. An Alabama fan replied with, “They got destroyed!! RTR!!”

No, sir, we weren’t destroyed. We will be back next year. Congratulations on this year’s win. But the score will be 0-0 to kick off the next Iron Bowl.

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