There’s something about the underdog.

Imagine folks standing around rooting for the kid with the slingshot against the mighty giant back in the day. We’ve usually seemed to pull for the lesser talent, the lesser force, the smaller physique.

That’s at the root of the sentiment against the old Notre Dame football teams or the New York Yankees baseball teams or the regional bias against the Alabama Crimson Tide and the Southeastern Conference.

Human nature favors the underdog.

Such was the case when the unranked Stephen F. Austin basketball team upended top-ranked Duke last November at Duke. The visiting Lumberjacks had chopped down the unbeaten Blue Devils.

The Rocky movies thrived on the story of the down-on-his-luck Philadelphia fighter who gets his shot against the world champion. Of course we rooted for the underdog.

Maybe our inclination has something to do with ourselves. In this world, we’re all underdogs. We have to meet personal challenges, family challenges, employment challenges. We’re all 10-to-1 underdogs in this world, especially now.

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