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Matt Pensa was playing in Marshall’s soccer league last year when he heard about softball.

So he told his friends about it and put together the Brew Crew team which played this year in the softball league. They went on to compete in the newly-organized flag football league as the Trashed Pandas team.

The Trashed Pandas won the flag football championship by beating No Punt Intended 30-19 on Nov. 21 at the Army football field on Patton Road.

“It’s been fun so far,” Pensa said of their successful first year in Marshall Space Flight Center sports. “We all love being active so it’s nice to be able to play organized sports.”

Pensa and his friends work for various Department of Defense contractors. Many had played sports in high school.

“Every new sport that’s come up everyone’s been interested in playing,” he said.

Pensa was the team captain for softball, flag football and now basketball. He and teammate Chase Pendley both played at Austin High School. Deacon Aldridge, the flag football quarterback, won a state title at quarterback for Hartselle High. Hunter Olive and Nick Haas went to Madison Academy. Scott Montgomery is from Mississippi. Myles Kelley and Trey Jensen are also from out of state. Michael McCreless and Kyle Mann went to Grissom High.

“I rounded a bunch of the guys up to make a softball team,” Pensa said. The Brew Crew competed in Division A. As the Trashed Pandas, the same guys won the inaugural flag football championship and they’ll compete in the basketball season scheduled to start this week.

“Some of us are co-workers. I grew up with a couple of the guys. So it’s kind of a group of friends from all over I guess that ended up working on base,” Pensa said.

Additions to their basketball team include Joe Keywood, a Georgia native who works at Dynetics and played soccer at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. At 6-foot-6 and 285 pounds, he’ll play center. Colby Crossfield, of Teledyne Brown Engineering, played basketball at Madison Academy. Forrest Ford, of Torch Technologies, went to Austin High with Pensa and Pendley.

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