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Links assistant manager John Cook was in a familiar spot after the senior club championship Oct. 2-3.

Atop the leaderboard.

Cook captured his third consecutive and fifth title by scoring 77-81-158. Mark Bamburg and Paul Williams tied for second with their 171 two-day total. Bamburg shot 83-88-171 while Williams had 79-82-171.

Cook won in 2015, 2016, 2018, 2019 and now 2021. The pandemic canceled the 2020 event.

Eunja Anderson won the women’s senior title with 80-79-159.

Two new divisions were added this year – men’s super senior and women’s super senior. Jim Myles (74-76-150) won the men’s super senior title while Venita King (87-90-177) captured the women’s super senior crown.

Here are the tournament results:

Men’s championship flight: 1. John Cook (77-81-158); 2. (tie) Mark Bamburg (83-88-171) and Paul Williams (79-82-171); 4. James Hightower (84-95-179).

First flight: 1. Michael Watson (86-87-173); 2. Ken Stacey (86-93-179); 3. Tim Starostanko (91-92-183).

Men’s super senior: 1. Jim Myles (74-76-150); 2. Bruce Umstaedter (76-77-153); 3. Happel Terrell (74-83-157).

Women’s senior club: 1. Eunja Anderson (80-79-159); 2. Sandy Parks (84-85-169); 3. Kyung-Hwo Theodoss (89-87-176).

Women’s super senior: 1. Venita King (87-90-177); Kathleen Stirling (89-90-179); 3. Myong Brafford (86-94-180).

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