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You’re never too old for softball – and that’s true both on and off the field.

Some local guys from ages 55 through their 70s and older prove that every week in the Senior Men’s Softball Recreational League. The league, sponsored by the Huntsville-Madison County Senior Center, started in 1998.

There are five teams in the 55-and-over Rockets, four teams in the 63-and-over Senior Recreational and two teams in the 71-and-over Triads. Games are played Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 6 and 7:30 at Brahan Spring Park. The senior rec league and Triad league games are on field 1. The Rockets play on field 2.

“We’re probably in the neighborhood of 48 or 50 players,” John Corcetti, director for the senior rec, said of the total participants.

Some play in more than one league. “Directors can waive the age requirement depending on the situation,” Corcetti said.

Teams are identified by jersey color; for example, team Purple might have a game against team Red in the senior rec league.

“Number one, we have fun,” Corcetti said. “We don’t keep records. We don’t keep standings. We play for fun. Competition does come into play but actually we’re out there to have fun, enjoy ourselves, be with other guys. We have sportsmanship as well. In other words, we can play and still be friends.”

Corcetti, 71, is in his eighth season on the field. He plays in both the senior rec and Triad leagues. Games started at the end of April and beginning of May and continue until the end of August.

“The teams are pretty even,” Roger Armstead, 73, who plays for team Purple in senior rec, said. “We have a lot of fun, fellowship. We’re good friends. Come out and join us. We’re blessed to be playing ball at our age.”

The league contacts include: 55-plus, call Eddie Johnson 503-2897; for 63-plus, call Don Shook 830-1994, and for 71-plus, call Greg Bogue 534-4091. Information is also available at the Senior Center, 2200 Drake Ave. Call the center’s Becky Rollston at 880-7081 or visit

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