The Trashed Pandas have won the first championship of the Marshall flag football league.

They beat No Punt Intended 30-19 in the final on Thursday at the Army football field on Patton Road. In the six-team league’s first year, the Trashed Pandas finished on top at 6-1. No Punt Intended went 5-2.

Deacon Aldridge, who won a state title at quarterback for Hartselle High School, threw four touchdown passes for the Trashed Pandas in the championship game. Hunter Olive had two TD receptions. Myles Kelley caught a 60-yarder for a score.

“Our quarterback Deacon Aldridge played a really good game,” team captain Matt Pensa, who played running back and cornerback, said. “We got some big defensive stops when we needed them.”

“We had a blast playing them in the championship,” No Punt Intended captain Cory Efird said. “It was a great matchup at every position. We beat them in the regular season because a few 50/50 balls went our way. This time they came out on top for the same reason. A few plays decided the game, but I think players on both sides would agree it was a fun matchup and we look forward to seeing them next year.”

Pensa said Tyrin Thurmon did a good job organizing the league, the team enjoyed it and they look forward to playing again next year.

“It was fun, real fun,” Thurmon said. “A lot of people of all ages came out and competed and just gave a lot of effort. And did what we had to do. Played ball, man. It was a fun season.

“Looking forward to next year. Hopefully we can grow a couple of teams.”

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