When the games stop, that sends a powerful message.

The NBA playoffs took an unplanned break when the teams decided not to play after a shooting in Wisconsin. People took notice.

I’ve heard criticism that sports shouldn’t become a forum for making statements, political or otherwise. One commentator criticized LeBron James for expressing his views and said he should just be quiet and dribble.

Like it or not, sports are a major part of our society. Look at the money involved. Look at the focus that a large segment of our country puts on sports. The music industry, television and movies are just as powerful. But people don’t seem to get as upset when songs and movies and television shows are used to express views, political or otherwise.

Athletes are not robots. They are people just like you and me. They have feelings. Children look up to them. When they see the need to express their views about injustice, we should understand and listen.

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