Let’s just call it a lost weekend.

No, I got to enjoy the respite from work just like most people. But the sports teams I was rooting for all lost their games. Of course this has happened before. But the agony of defeat still bites.

First my beloved alma mater’s basketball team, the Auburn Tigers, lost to Florida. I figured we would bounce back after losing at archrival Alabama, 83-64 on Jan. 15 in Tuscaloosa. This was fourth-ranked Auburn’s first loss of the season after 15 wins. Surely my Tigers would rebound – pun intended – with a big win against the Gators in Gainesville. But noooo… Auburn fell to Florida, 69-47 on Saturday, Jan. 18.

Moving right along, I predicted with my heart – instead of my head – that the Tennessee Titans and Green Bay Packers would win their respective NFL conference championship games Jan. 19 and punch their tickets to the Super Bowl. But noooo… the Titans fell at Kansas City 35-24 in the AFC championship and the Packers fell at San Francisco 37-20 in the NFC championship. If you’re keeping track, this made me 0-for-3 with my weekend favorites.

And then came the ultimate insult during the holiday weekend. On Monday, Jan. 20, my Los Angeles Lakers lost at their NBA rival Boston Celtics 139-107.

That made me 0-for-4 with four strikeouts.

Of course that means better days are ahead. So go Auburn! Go Chiefs in the Super Bowl! And go Lakers!

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