Two members of the Redstone Ten-Miler Team organized a record-setting national cross country high school meet Saturday.

The first RunningLane National Cross Country Championships drew 1,100 athletes to John Hunt Park in Huntsville. Will Rodgers and Sean Allan, both Redstone 10-milers, are co-founders of RunningLane. The Huntsville Sports Commission assisted the event.

There were 63 individual state champions from 33 states.

Jenna Hutchins, 16, of Johnson City, Tennessee, set a national girls cross country record in 15:58, shattering the previous mark 16:06. She is the first U.S. high school girl to break 16 minutes in the 5K. Her previous best was 16:25.

“I was just really motivated today to come out and try my best,” Hutchins, a junior at Science Hill High, said. “And I was really grateful to have the opportunity to compete at a national level.”

Parker Wolfe, 17, of Denver, Colorado, won the boys race in 14:26. He is a senior at Cherry Creek High in Greenwood Village, Colorado.

“The goal was to wait till the last mile and kind of use that last mile to just kick as hard as I can,” Wolfe, ranked No. 1 nationally, said. This was his personal best time by four seconds.

Wolfe took the lead on the backstretch after the two-mile mark, going up the hill. He passed Kamari Miller, who finished fifth in 14:37. Wolfe broke the previous course record 14:36 which was held by Ethan Strand of Vestavia Hills, who finished 14th in 14:47.

Thirty-two boys broke 15 minutes in the race, which was also unprecedented nationally.

“This is the first time for the RunningLane National Cross Country Championships,” Rodgers said. “It was awesome. The weather was perfect. We had assembled the fastest kids in the nation from 33 states which included 63 individual state champions.

“We went back to all of the fastest races for the last 10 years. And the most guys to ever break 15 minutes for the 5K was 10 boys. This weekend 32 boys broke the elusive 15-minute barrier.”

He said the organizers will rest the rest of the weekend and “then in a week or two start planning to make it better for 2021.”

The top 20 girls finishers included: 1. Jenna Hutchins (15:58), 2. Mia Prok (16:56), 3. Audrey DaDamio (17:03), 4. Avalon Meeham (17:05), 5. Lucca Fulkerson (17:16.44), 6. Madison Shults (17:16.46), 7. Sophia Gorriaran (17:20), 8. Katrina Schlenker (17:28), 9. Andie-Marie Jones (17:29), 10. Leigh Walters (17:33), 11. Mary Brady (17:34), 12. Isabella Edwards (17:41), 13. Allison Beasley (17:45), 14. Caroline Mehlhorn (17:48), 15. Zoe Arrington (17:49), 16. Kyra Hayes (17:50), 17. Hannah Schemmel (17:53), 18. Kiley Murphy (17:54), 19. Kaitlyn Vanderkolk (17:55.75), 20. Shayda Zarrin (17:55.83).

The top 20 boys finishers included: 1. Parker Wolfe (14:26), 2. Creed Thompson (14:34), 3. Nate Jaster (14:35), 4. Justin Wachtel (14:36), 5. Kamari Miller (14:37), 6. Christian Balcer (14:38), 7. Harrison Witt (14:39.36), 8. Zane Bergen (14:39.69), 9. Jack Scherer (14:40), 10. Davin Thompson (14:41), 11. Brayden Packard (14:43), 12. Lukas Haug (14:44.24), 13. Erik Le Roux (14:44.86), 14. Ethan Strand (14:47.22), 15. Jackson Shorten (14:47.24), 16. Gabe Montague (14:47.40), 17. Izaiah Steury (14:47.86), 18. Sully Shelton (14:48), 19. Walker Cole (14:49), 20. Miles Brush (14:51).

Girls team winners included: 1. Vista Nation (average time 18:22), 2. Plus Cross XC Club (18:35), 3. Georgia Elite (18:44).

Boys team winners included: 1. American Fork (15:00), 2. Real Training (15:03), 3. Vista Nation XC (15:07).

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