Winners from the Turkey Shoot, Nov. 20:

First flight – 1. Team score 66, Bruce Umstaedter and Happell Terrell. … 2. Team score 67, Shawn Prickett and Doug Hooks

Second flight – 1. Team score 69, won scorecard playoff, Reamer Argo and Dave Warnick. … 2. Team score 69, Mark Bamburg and Jason Bamburg

Third flight – 1. Team score 71, Mark Dille and Steve Farmen. … 2. Team score 72, Lynn Collyar and Richard White

Closest to the pin – No. 3, Rick Stevens; No. 6, Rick Gallman; No. 12, Rick Stevens; No. 16, Dave Warnick

Winners from the Chili Cookoff, Oct. 16:

First flight – 1. Team score 60, Carol Umstaedter, Bruce Umstaedter, Happell Terrell and Tim Starostanko. … 2. Team score 61, Venita King, Arthur Allen, Carl Gardner and Michael Horry

Second flight – 1. Team score 64, won scorecard playoff, Sandy Parks, Floyd Parks, Charlie Hopson and Phyllis Hopson. … 2. Team score 64, Will Krolick, Forrest Brooks, Rustyn Robinson and Abbey Carlson

Closest to the pin – No. 3, Paul Pitcher; No. 8, Dick Carter; No. 11, Jared Cleghorn; No. 16, Carol Umstaedter

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