Let’s party like it’s 1979.

This was the year of Sister Sledge and their hit song “We are Family.” And it was the year of the Pittsburgh Pirates who adopted that as their theme song and rolled all the way to the 1979 World Series title.

I remember pulling for them to beat the Baltimore Orioles in the series. Led by their slugger Willie “Pops” Stargell, their 38-year-old patriarch, they beat the O’s for the world title.

They seemed very much like the family in their favorite song. They were a close-knit group that stayed together and accomplished their goal.

Personally 1979 was a crossroads year for me. I had just ended a failed relationship and wouldn’t meet my future wife until March 1980. Janice and I got

married in August 1982. She just retired this year after 33 years of teaching.

Our son, Cole, is 32. Our daughter, Glorian, is 19 and attending Samford University.

I remember 1979 as my last full year at The Huntsville Times. I started working at Redstone on June 9, 1980, and have been with the Rocket the past 40 years.

I remember 1979 for disco music and the still popular Saturday Night Fever soundtrack album from the 1977 movie.

But the highlight that October was the Pittsburgh Pirates and their world champion family. Like the song says: “We are family. Get up, everybody sing.”

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