Thursday night’s first volleyball match on the east court went the distance with three games and extended rallies.

But the Rocket City Raptors didn’t mind, especially since they came out on top.

The Raptors beat the ASSISTs 25-20, 20-25, 15-11 on Thursday at the Marshall Wellness Center. After a break between matches, they beat Scared Hitless 25-7, 25-13.

ASSISTs beat Scared Hitless 25-14, 25-11 in the night’s second match.

“That was fun. Energy, excitement, effort,” Raptors captain Adam Butt said. “All of those. Rinse, wash and repeat.”

Butt served eight aces and had seven kills for the Rocket City Raptors (10-8). Max VanKeuren had six kills and three aces. Chris Burnside had 11 aces and three kills. Zack Standridge made seven kills and two aces. Jason Bosworth had five kills and two aces. Adrian Soler added five aces and four kills.

Carl Crutcher had four aces, four digs and three kills for ASSISTs (6-8). Sean Rivers made five aces and four kills. Ed Grimble had five kills and two digs. Mark Black had 12 kills. ASSISTs captain Brandon Reeves added three kills and two aces. Cara Black had three aces and two digs. Alexandra Griffin and Kim Olesen-Patrick made three digs apiece.

“We played hard and just couldn’t pull it out,” Reeves said after the loss to the Raptors.

Jacob Goldenberg had four kills and two aces for Scared Hitless (2-14). Taylor Goodwin collected eight digs. Tim Hester made three kills while team captain Mimma Spangler served three aces.

“I think that we’re doing really well because this is a brand new team,” Spangler said. “And a lot of folks don’t even know each other so it’s a really big accomplishment.”

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