The National Football League didn’t see this coming.

A rash of injuries has plagued NFL teams in the early going of the season, particularly the San Francisco 49ers. Some big names have gone on the shelf for the next several weeks or the rest of the season.

There have been severe knee injuries, ankle injuries and more. Experts say this is the worst injury bug ever.

Speculation is that the probable contributing factor is the lack of preseason games. The pandemic-impacted scheduling just skipped the preseason and went right into the season straight out of training camps.

Players just didn’t have enough time to adjust their bodies. They went straight into intense, hard-hitting competition. Pulled muscles we’re used to seeing in preseason are occurring in the regular season. Unfortunately some of these injuries are severe.

Injuries are part of football at all levels. This is a contact sport. People hit hard and people get hurt.

I don’t know what the solution is. Equipment has been perfected to protect the head and the body, however injuries are still going to happen.

Perhaps the NFL should have had a few preseason games first. Maybe they should have eased into this season during today’s pandemic realities. But the season is underway now. The games are exciting. The television revenue is rolling in. Players just have to brace for the impact.

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