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A larger symbol of America will be in place at Madison City Schools Stadium by the time high school soccer starts in February.

The new 60-foot flagpole, with a 15-by-25-foot American flag, represents a patriotic community effort. This partnership includes Madison American Legion Post 229, Madison County, the Madison City School Board and Sigmatech Inc.

A small business supporting aerospace, defense and federal customers, Sigmatech Inc. presented a check Friday to fund the project. The new flagpole is expected to arrive within two weeks. After the first of the year, Madison County will take down the existing 30-foot pole and install the new one. Madison City Schools will do the lighting.

“This patriotic project has been made possible by a very generous donation from our corporate partner, Sigmatech Inc.,” retired Col. Larry Vannoy, commander of Madison American Legion Post 229, said. “The large display of ‘Old Glory’ during events will reflect the Madison Schools students’, parents’ and administration’s love of our country and its veterans. Madison American Legion Post 229 is proud to be part of this extraordinary project.”

Retired Col. John Jones, chief operating officer of Sigmatech Inc., presented the check in a ceremony at the stadium’s existing flagpole. Other participants included Steve Haraway, the District 2 commissioner for Madison County; and Lee Shaw, development office coordinator for Madison City Schools.

“It’s our pleasure to give this to you, sir,” Jones told Vannoy.

“We’re just excited and honored to be a part of this,” Haraway said.

The stadium is the site for not only high school sports but also events throughout the year, including a recent chess tournament. Vannoy remarked that he had seen a more impressive flagpole than the current one weeks ago while visiting a stadium elsewhere.

Shaw echoed those sentiments and said “we can do better than that. I just thank you so much for making this happen.”

The project began when Vannoy asked retired Brig. Gen. Bob Drolet to raise money for a new flagpole and flag for the stadium. Drolet is a member of Madison American Legion Post 229 and serves on the board of advisers of Sigmatech Inc.

“It’s a significant marriage between like-minded people that are involved in sports and education in the school system in Madison City,” Drolet said.

Founded in 1986 by Gurmej Sandhu, Ph.D., Sigmatech Inc. has 350 employees.

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