There’s nothing like Super Bowl weekend.

The anticipation builds after the NFL conference championship games determine the matchup. This year treated us to the surging Tampa Bay Buccaneers against the defending champion Kansas City Chiefs.

We had Tom Brady, arguably the GOAT (Greatest of All Time), at quarterback for Tampa Bay. His opposite signal-caller was Kansas City’s Patrick Mahomes, he of the jaw-dropping scrambles out of the pocket and super throws from all angles and funny State Farm insurance commercials.

I was undecided who to root for in this past Sunday’s game. As a Philadelphia native, I grew up rooting against all things Boston and New England. That meant I had developed a serious aversion to the perennial champion Patriots and their then-quarterback Brady. But now that he’s playing for Tampa Bay, my perspective has changed. I see a 43-year-old guy who is somehow just as great as he was years ago. As an old guy myself (66 and counting), I can’t help but cheer for him against the 25-year-old Mahomes.

But I like the Chiefs, too. I love their speed and their explosiveness. I’m a fan of their coach, Andy Reid, who formerly coached my hometown Philadelphia Eagles. I consider him a Philly guy like me.

So, in writing this a few days before last Sunday’s game, I’m basically rooting for a good competitive contest in Tampa with super commercials and a super halftime show featuring The Weeknd. I’ll save the final sentence for postgame. Here goes: Tampa Bay 31, Kansas City 9. Never underestimate us old guys.

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