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The three ladies are finishing their round on the Warrior course at the Links.

They aren’t thrilled with their respective golf games but they’re having fun. It was the weekly Wednesday play day for members of the Redstone Arsenal Ladies Golf Association.

With a shotgun start, they began their round on the 14th hole. Later they approached the 10th for their final four of the 18 holes.

“Good shot,” Fran Shaner said, encouraging Wana Orr and Joan Arnold. After each makes their shot, they return to the golf carts to ride to the next hole.

Shaner, 81, a retired nurse, is an Indiana native who arrived in Huntsville with her husband in 1963 when he came to work at Marshall Space Flight Center after college. She started playing golf in her later years but has made two holes-in-one.

“I didn’t take it up until I retired and then I took it up and I absolutely fell in love with it. I really did,” Shaner said. “The good thing about golf is you can pretty much do it your whole life. Even though you get old, you can still do it. We have fun. And it’s good exercise, too.

“It’s a social as much as the exercise. It’s just a combination of good things.”

The day’s winners included:

Overall – Linda DeJong (85)

Chip-ins – Cindy Fry, Kathy Newton, Phyllis Hopson, Jacki Lane, Kat Stirling

First flight green – 1. Robbie Curry (86), 2. Dee Thonus (87), 3. Jacki Lane (89)

Second flight green – 1. Joy McGuire and Linda Jones (97), 2. Fran Shaner and Kathy Newton (99)

First flight red – 1. Phyllis Hopson (89), 2. Angela Martin (100)

Second flight red – 1. Darlene Brakefield and Renate Woods (116), 2. Pat White (118)

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