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The Trashed Pandas were one of the hottest teams in the Marshall basketball league since the holidays.

But then they ran into Hot Cheese Soup.

Chase Clinard scored 26 points with five 3-pointers as Hot Cheese Soup beat the Trashed Pandas 62-41 on Feb. 4 at the Marshall Wellness Center.

Travis Eakin added 18 for Hot Cheese Soup (7-4). Chad Bigoney had 13 with three 3-pointers.

“We got up quick on them,” Eakin, the center, said. “We got out the gate, I think it was like 12-0. We just hit shots when we needed to hit shots. And we played pretty good defense. We just kind of made them force the ball inside and take tough shots, and made them shoot where they don’t want to shoot.”

The Trashed Pandas, in their first year, had won six straight games since early January.

Michael McCreless scored 18 with four 3-pointers for the Trashed Pandas (7-4).

“We kind of started out and came out flat and we didn’t get a bucket until it was probably 14 to nothing or something like that,” McCreless, a forward/guard, said. “So it was a slow start. By the time we got going, it was late in the second half so it was too late. They had some good guards. We just couldn’t put together any stops on defense.”

Other results included: Mavericks 88, Blouses 61; Space Jam 70, RTC 54; and Marske & Crutch 66, Court Controllers 56.

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