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It’s nearly sundown and the parking lot is almost empty. But members of the Boomers softball team are still standing near their vehicles and talking together.

This is their usual postgame routine, win or lose. They share this time for camaraderie.

They lost 16-11 to Hit Circus in their last game of the regular season July 15 at NASA field 1. But the Boomers are optimistic about the playoffs which begin this week.

“We’re looking to be the tournament busters,” catcher Brad Thompson said. “We just have to put it all together in the next string of games. We have the league right where we want them.”

The Boomers (2-8) are seeded sixth among the six teams in Division A. Their lone wins were against the Brew Crew and versus Got the Runs.

“Redemption is near,” player/captain Eric Widell said. “We’ve been a sleeper team all season. We’re about to show our real team. We’re basically a better team than our record indicates.”

The Boomers played probably their most complete game June 10 when they beat Got the Runs, 14-4 at NASA field 2. Connor Brown had three hits with two doubles. Leadoff hitter Rod Hambrick also had three hits with a double. Doug Tucker had two hits with a double and four runs batted in. Widell had two hits with a two-run homer and three RBIs. Jay Jarrell pitched all five innings for the win.

The Boomers’ other starters this year include Thompson, second baseman/left center Austin Malone and first baseman Jacob Stitz. Of the 17 players on the roster, “probably 90 percent have been there at least half of the season,” Widell said. “Two guys have spent a lot of time (away on) TDY.”

The team from the Redstone Test Center originated in the 2000s and changed its name to Boomers about five years ago. Now members of this year’s edition are ready for tournament time.

“And we’re going to show out,” Thompson said.

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