A sunny star-spangled Saturday graced the annual Red, White and Blue Tournament at the Links.

Twenty-two teams, with 88 golfers total, competed in the four-person scramble on the Warrior course. There were winners in each of the three flights: Red, White and Blue.

“I think the turnout was great. Had 88 players,” Links Manager Gary Haught said. “These events are just meant for camaraderie and social activity. They’re meant to be fun.”

Winning teams included red flight’s Mark Bamburg, Jason Bamburg, Sarah Bamburg and Christo Ziogas; white flight’s Rick Cooper, Mark Morrison, Billy Jackson and Dave Warnick; and blue flight’s Mike Byrne, Jim Myers, Larry Hess and Bill Roberts.

“The whole team, everybody made a shot when we needed one,” Myers said.

Here are the winners:

Red flight: 1. Mark Bamburg, Jason Bamburg, Sarah Bamburg, Christo Ziogas (53 score). 2. Donna Lowen, Ben Racoma, Jeremy Long, Ched Jones (56). 3. DeWitt Burns, David Hunt, Robert Valls, Ray Neese (57).

White flight: 1. Rick Cooper, Mark Morrison, Billy Jackson, Dave Warnick (62 score). 2. Ryan Summerford, Ross Summerford, Mark Glenn, Joseph Lacy (63). 3. Randy Clark, Jason Clark, Zack Clark, Easton Anderson (63).

Blue flight: 1. Mike Byrne, Jim Myers, Larry Hess, Bill Roberts (65 score). 2. Rick Clark, Sammy Nabors, Steve Broussard, Greg Broussard (65). 3. Dee Thonus, Frank Thonus, Greg Thonus, Sandy Parks (65).  

Closest to the pin: Darlene Kerr on hole 3; Curtis Norris on hole 8; Donna Lowen on hole 11; and Kyle Overmyer on hole 16.

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