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When their usual starting pitcher John Seigh went out with a leg injury, the Spaceballs turned to Cory Efird who had never pitched a softball game before.

Efird tossed all five innings and got the 17-10 win over the Bit Players, June 26 at NASA field 1. Spaceballs improved to 6-2 in the coed Marshall Division.

“Had a good game all around,” player/coach Tony Fiorucci said. “Played good defense. Everybody was hitting. Had good relief pitching from Cory who’d never pitched before. So it was a good team win.”

Cleanup hitter Jacob Stitz went 3-for-4 with four runs batted in and two runs scored.

“I felt good,” Stitz said. “It seemed like every time I swung at the ball I put good contact on it, driving into the holes. I was just trying to do whatever I could to help the team out. Just put the ball in play, make the outfield work for it.”

The big first baseman wore his Boomers jersey from his other team’s game which preceded this one on the same field. He said he did not have a Spaceballs jersey and quipped that maybe he was still trying out for the team.

“I told them they could pick me up cheap. I told them I’d sign up for a cheeseburger a night,” Stitz said laughing.

Efird and Fiorucci also had three hits apiece. Dave Huebner added two hits.

The Bit Players (4-4) got three hits apiece from player/coach Brandon Reeves, Greg Caldwell and Bill Hartsell. Mark Nelson, Joseph Hastings and Carl Crutcher had two hits apiece. Caldwell took the loss.

“Tough game,” Reeves said. “They just had more hits.”

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