Volley Von Braun had an impressive opening night in the 2019 Marshall coed volleyball season.

Ethan Walker and Chad Bigoney led the team past both Hoodoo Voodoo and Go Take a Spike. The three teams made their season debuts Thursday on the east court at Marshall Wellness Center.

Volley Von Braun beat Hoodoo Voodoo, 25-6, 25-13. They beat Go Take a Spike, 25-17, 25-18. Hoodoo Voodoo defeated Go Take a Spike, 25-20, 25-22.

“Team played great,” Walker, the player/coach, said. “The teamwork was on point and we passed it very well to set up spike opportunities.”

Walker had 11 kills and three aces for Volley Von Braun (2-0). Bigoney had 20 kills and six aces. Danny Walker, Ethan’s father, had five kills. Denise Bigoney, Chad’s mother, added four aces. Frank Thomas served two aces.

Tim Hester had four aces and three kills for Hoodoo Voodoo (1-1). Eric Osborne made five aces and two kills. Lori Manis added two kills.

“We recruited young people,” Hoodoo Voodoo coach Roger Bunnell said. “Our new players carried the team.”

John Possel had five aces and four kills for Go Take a Spike (0-2). Steve Funderburk made six aces and four kills. Player/coach Marla Lenox served two aces.

“It’s been a year since we played,” Lenox said. “We’ll get better.”

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