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The west volleyball court at Marshall Wellness Center belonged to ASSISTs on this night.

In round robin play Oct. 29 in the Division B playoffs, ASSISTs beat Volley Von Braun 25-13, 26-24 and Spiked Punch 25-21, 25-19. Round robin play continued Nov. 4 to determine seeding for the tournament scheduled Nov. 7-21.

“Just a great team effort,” ASSISTs captain Brandon Reeves said. “Everyone worked well together.”

Reeves had seven kills and four aces for ASSISTs (2-0). Ed Grimble made nine kills and four aces. Cara Black had two kills, two aces and four digs. Sean Rivers had three aces and two kills. Mark Black made seven kills while Matt Bower had three. Kim Olesen-Patrick contributed two kills and four digs. Alexandra Griffin had three kills and two digs. Scott Tashakkor served five aces and Antwan Harris had two kills.

Volley Von Braun beat Spiked Punch 25-11, 25-20 in the nightcap.

Chad Bigoney had 12 kills, three aces and two blocks for Volley Von Braun (1-1). Team captain Ethan Walker had 10 kills, three aces and three digs. Diane Pearson served five aces, Tina Walker had four and Frank Thomas added two.

“It was a hard fought loss,” Ethan Walker said after the loss to ASSISTs. “We came back in the second game and played well after getting blown out for game one.”

Team captain Greg Cmarik had two kills, three digs and two aces for Spiked Punch (0-2). Jason Mishtawy had four kills and three aces. Eliza Dellert made three aces and two kills. Betty Ann Neilson contributed two aces and two digs. Matt Pruitt had three kills, Rumaasha Maasha had three aces and Ann Wheeler added three digs. Anne Garber served two aces.

“We played great. They’re definitely the best team in our division,” Cmarik said after the loss to ASSISTs. “And we look forward to playing them in the tournament.”

In round robin action Oct. 28 on the east court, That One Team went 2-0. They beat Go Take a Spike 25-13, 25-13 and Scared Hitless 25-10, 25-6. Go Take a Spike (1-1) beat Scared Hitless (0-2), 25-19, 18-25, 15-9.

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